With A.R. Brouwer Company as your General Contractor, our project managers and superintendents work with the Project Owner and the design team to deliver the project on time and according to project specifications. Typically, when A.R. Brouwer Company is retained as the General Contractor, the Owner and design team have already completed pre-construction activities, and the project is ready to begin construction.

Important Things to Know About General Contracting Services

  • Typically, it requires significantly more time from the Project Owner when compared to Construction Management and Design/Build services
  • Project Owner has multiple points of contact and multiple contracts for the project and must manage them simultaneously
  • Project Owner is more heavily involved with the design team throughout the pre-construction activities
  • Usually result in a longer process overall since the construction teams are not brought in until the project is ready for bidding. This can result in last-minute design changes immediately before construction begins and during construction
  • Can be less cost-effective compared to Construction Management and Design/Build when assessing total project costs for the Owner and considering the additional time required
  • Does not allow for a fast-track construction schedule. Not the best choice for projects with a tight schedule
  • The best choice for Project Owners who are committed to a specific architect and have a more flexible schedule
  • May result in lower quality construction or value for Project Owners due to the emphasis on getting the lowest bids possible

General Contracting services are a good fit for very experienced Project Owners who are comfortable executing all the pre-construction activities with their design team and understand the entire design and construction process. Total project costs may be higher when using General Contracting services, given the longer overall project duration. Quality may be affected if the Project Owner considers only price – not value.

When hired for General Contracting services, A.R. Brouwer Company offers competitive pricing while maintaining quality workmanship. In essence, we offer value.

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