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What You Need to Know to Get Your Building Permit Approved

 Is Your Project Shovel Ready?

You have been through the design and planning phases of your project development and you have received your local site plan approvals.  Now, you are finally ready to apply for permits.  Once you have your building permit, you will be ready to begin construction.

Each jurisdiction, County, City or Township has the right to establish building authorities who are responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Michigan Building Code. There are multiple pieces of information required in order for a Building Official to review and approve an application for a building.  Depending on the type of construction, residential or commercial, new construction or model, the following items may be required:

  • Civil Engineering Plan stamped by Licensed Engineer
  • Zoning Compliance Permit
  • Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Permit
  • Architectural and Structural Plans stamped by a Licensed Architect
  • Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical Plans, all stamped by a Licensed Professional
  • Fire Protection and Fire Alarm Plans
  • Low Voltage Plans

Fees are associated with each of these permits, therefore it is best to consult the local jurisdiction on permit fees and review times.  Permit reviews usually take 2 weeks, however, longer time frames can and do occur.

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