UBE Machinery

UBE Machinery, Inc. was experiencing significant growth, and was in need of expanding its existing headquarters on State Street in Ann Arbor. They contracted A.R. Brouwer Co. to design and build a 22,000 square foot crane bay addition to house a twenty ton overhead crane. The additional manufacturing space is utilized to assemble new injection molding machines and to refurbish existing ones.

UBE Machinery, Inc. required that the new addition match the existing building as closely as possible, and that their existing plant continue to function at full capacity during construction. This required A.R. Brouwer Co. to work closely with UBE’s production staff to ensure no production problems arose that affected UBE’s customers. This was especially critical during the expansion of the process mechanical and electrical systems from the existing shop to the new one.

UBE expanded to increase their share of the injection molding industry. By year-end 2002 they saw a major increase in production thanks to the new addition.