Montibeller Park Improvements

A.R. Brouwer was hired as the general contractor to build the 3,400 square feet all-season pavilion, including the installation of benches, ADA-compliant paths, sidewalks, and utility leads. The all-season pavilion has six 10 x 9 feet and five 11 x 9 feet aluminum overhead doors. The anticipated actual occupant accommodations range from 110-120. An HVAC system, an electrical panel, a transformer and pad, and men, women, and family restrooms were also included in the project scope. These improvements were part of the Pittsfield Township 2020 Master Plan to make the park’s amenities open and available to everyone.

Before building the all-season pavilion, A.R. Brouwer had to remove the existing shed structure and footings and five existing trees in the new building’s footprint. The site is balanced with a building pad and sidewalks. A swale was cut in along the sidewalk in the west parking lot. A.R. Brouwer also installed a 15-inch culvert under the sidewalk.

Montibeller Park is one of the oldest parks in Pittsfield Township and provides parks and recreational programs such as the Township’s annual Easter Egg Hunt and Summer Day Camps. It’s also a place where many families in the community can rent the pavilion for special events. The Montibeller Park improvements will allow the Township to use the space for additional public engagement programs.