Space planning significantly affects current and prospective employees and client satisfaction because it enhances their experience within that space. Today, workplaces need to bring a new approach to the functionality and experience of their space to engage their clients and entice employees back to the office or join their firms. Demonstrating the importance of the customer/employee experience affects people’s perceptions of a brand, and a good customer/employee experience can help your business to stand out.

When you step into a space purposefully designed to exemplify a brand, you may not immediately notice the difference, but you can feel it. This difference is felt by clients as well as current and prospective employees.

A well-designed interior space is a necessity for many types of commercial spaces, including but not limited to retail, office buildings, gymnasiums, health and medical facilities, hotels, libraries, restaurants, schools, places of worship, museums, multifamily housing, warehouses, etc.

A.R. Brouwer Company’s Design/Build approach starts with getting to know our client’s brand with early engagement with our in-house Design team consisting of an Interior Designer and Architect. Branding is a pivotal element of a business. In turn, branded interior design is a critical tool to enforce and strengthen a business, improve the overall experience of clients and employees, and re-enforce their connection to the company. A.R. Brouwer’s Design team partners closely with business owners to create a branded design that would be hard to recreate without the help of our in-house experts.

During every step of the branding process, business owners ask themselves, “What do I want my customers to feel?” That should extend inside a company’s physical space. The design of your space is a crucial element of the brand experience and should embody the values and vibe of your company in the same way a logo or website would. That experience is driven most by four factors — people, process, place, and technology — all of which impact interior design. A.R. Brouwer focuses on each of these factors throughout the stages of the Design/Build process.

Incorporating Technology

A.R. Brouwer uses market-leading interior design and rendering software to plan and visualize layouts for their clients. Clients can expect to see 2D floor plans and photorealistic 3D renderings — complete with furnishings, textures, and lighting. These images allow clients to see all the details and understand the “vision” before the work begins. Our Design team has experience working with programs such as Revit, AutoCAD, Bluebeam, and SketchUp. We also work with many local architects and subcontractors who use the current technology to make each of our client’s spaces more efficient. With a 2D floor plan or 3D rendering, our Design team can present multiple perspectives of the same room to ensure the clients are satisfied with the design of the space.

A.R. Brouwer’s Design team creates and directs the construction or renovation of a commercial area from beginning to end. Our Design team helps to choose materials, layout options, interior wall arrangement, and furniture if desired. They also serve as the primary communicator to the construction team and offer guidance throughout the renovation or construction process to ensure alignment with our customer’s vision and design goals.

A.R. Brouwer can also provide designs for clients who want to incorporate eco-conscious practices. For those interested in creating a more sustainable footprint, we review the client’s budget and timeline and provide design alternatives with eco-conscious choices that fit their brand.

ALDI, Ann Arbor was constructed as a Silver Level LEED-certified building.
A.R. Brouwer constructed the ALDI, Ann Arbor grocery store as a Silver Level LEED-certified building.
We collaborate with local companies committed to eco-conscious design. A.R. Brouwer’s Design team has worked with architects who can offer LEED for Interior Design and Construction as an option for eco-conscious clients. We present clients with many alternatives for sourcing products and finishes that focus on sustainability. Our Design team partners with subcontractors and vendors that resonate with our client’s aesthetic and utilize them when sourcing for their project. The list below shows a few examples we review with our clients when considering green alternatives and environmentally conscious products:
  • Locally sourced,
  • Ethical manufacturing,
  • Low-impact production,
  • Use of non-toxic materials,
  • Incorporate upcycled, vintage, or reclaimed materials.

A Clear Roadmap for Your Unique Vision

Bottom line, having an exceptional working relationship with our clients, trade partners, and employees is imperative. Our team offers value-added services, like Interior Design, in addition to our construction services. We know that every client’s project is unique. With more than 25 years of experience, A.R. Brouwer Company developed a way to work and produce quality commercial buildings and multifamily homes that keep our clients and trade partners involved and informed. Working with our team means you’re not just getting a construction company. You’re working with a business invested in your project’s success. Contact us to begin building your vision today!

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