Construction Estimating: The Blueprint for Project Success

Congratulations on your business growth and expansion plans! As you embark on this exciting journey, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the costs involved in realizing your vision. At A.R. Brouwer Company, we provide comprehensive construction estimating services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re renovating or expanding your existing building or constructing a new facility, our experts will help you make informed decisions, stay within budget, and achieve successful outcomes. In this article,
we will explore the key benefits of our services and why A.R. Brouwer stands out from
the competition.

Accurate and Reliable Construction Estimates

A construction estimate is a crucial tool for planning and allocating funds effectively.
A.R. Brouwer offers budget estimates based on historical data, providing you with projected construction costs before your drawings are complete. This enables you to understand the costs and make necessary design adjustments to fit your budgetary constraints. Once your documents are finalized, we conduct a thorough bidding process to ensure a complete scope of work that aligns with the provided plans and schedule. Our commitment to accuracy ensures that your estimates are reliable, minimizing the risk of unexpected
cost overruns.


Timely Estimates for Efficient Planning

Timing is everything when it comes to construction projects. A.R. Brouwer understands the importance of early estimates for effective project planning. We offer Construction Management and Design/Build options, allowing us to support you throughout the entire process. If you have an initial concept and require assistance with design, construction planning, and pricing, we’re here to help. The sooner we provide you with a preliminary budget, the more efficiently your project can progress, giving you a clear understanding of costs and allowing you to make informed decisions along the way.

Comprehensive Considerations for a Realistic Budget

A.R. Brouwer considers a range of critical factors to ensure your budget is realistic and comprehensive. We consider the time of year to avoid potential delays caused by unfavorable weather conditions during construction. Our estimates account for material lead times, overhead expenses, and other necessary costs, providing you with an
overall view of your project’s financial requirements. With A.R. Brouwer, you can trust that no essential element is overlooked, giving you the confidence to move forward with
your plans.

Transparent Communication and Mitigation of Cost Overruns

Cost overruns can be a significant concern for any construction project. A.R. Brouwer is committed to maintaining transparent communication and minimizing unforeseen expenses. Our experienced team works diligently to define a clear scope of work and collaborates with reliable trade partners to address any questions or potential challenges before finalizing the project cost estimate. While unexpected issues may arise during the construction phase, we proactively identify and communicate them, presenting solutions to ensure your project stays on track within your budgetary parameters.

Multiple Approaches to Suit Your Needs

A.R. Brouwer distinguishes itself from the competition by offering a variety of approaches to suit your unique requirements. We provide preliminary budgets to give you an early understanding of construction costs, enabling you to make informed decisions. With our final estimate based on construction documents, you have a detailed breakdown of expenses. Additionally, our Design/Build services allow us to work within a predetermined budget, providing you with a seamless experience that incorporates design, construction, budget, and schedule considerations.


When it comes to construction estimating services, A.R. Brouwer is your trusted partner. Our comprehensive estimates and multiple service approaches ensure that your project is well-planned, cost-effective, and successful. Don’t leave your vision to chance. Give us a call!

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