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Construction Manager and Superintendent

Why Experience Matters in Construction

  Why Experience Matters in Construction Haven’t we all contacted an electrician to relocate an outlet, called a roofer to repair a leak, or hired a plumber to repair a pipe or snake a slow drain?  Managing just one expert in the field might seem like an easy task to handle on your own, but when […]

LED Lighting

5 REASONS TO USE LED LIGHTING Most businesses and homeowners try to find ways to save on costs and to reduce energy.  A simple solution to energy savings is making the switch to LED lighting.  Light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today’s leading energy-efficient lighting technologies.  Some have questioned whether it is worth switching from the […]

Closing the Gap in Skilled Trades

Closing the Gap in Skilled Trades MORE SKILLED TRADES, was the topic the U.S Department of Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, addressed during the Building and Construction Trades Apprenticeship Training Conference at Washtenaw Community College.  At the conference, he was quoted saying, “The United States has 6.2 million job openings.  That is the highest number of […]

Person overlooking land development

Why Construction and Land Development are Important to Your Community

  The Importance of Construction and Land Development We can all agree that land development is essential for a community’s success.  While development can sometimes be frowned upon, as it changes the face of the landscape, creates more traffic, changes ecosystems and habitats, it is imperative for the prosperity of your community.  It can generate more […]

Dexter Wellness Center

Protect Your Landscape Investment

Protecting Your Landscaping Investment Your construction project is complete, your business is up and running and your building is beautifully landscaped.  Most likely you were required to invest thousands of dollars in landscaping and maintaining it is probably the last thing on your mind.  You’re focused on your business and utilizing your new and/or improved […]