Construction Manager and Superintendent

Why Experience Matters in Construction

Haven’t we all contacted an electrician to relocate an outlet, called a roofer to repair a leak, or hired a plumber to repair a pipe or snake a slow drain?  Managing just one expert in the field might seem like an easy task to handle on your own, but when you have to coordinate multiple contractors you should consider hiring an experienced professional.  If you are planning to construct a new building, develop a large parcel of land, or renovate an existing space, there is much more to think about than managing just one trade.  Questions to consider when starting your project include:

  • What are the zoning restrictions on your property?
  • Is the condition of the soil sound enough to support your new structures without geotechnical engineering?
  • What are the time and resources required to create the design drawings and navigate the permit process with the local and county government entities?
  • What are the time and resources required to accurately bid, contract, construct and complete your project on time and on budget?
  • How will you manage and schedule subcontractors?
  • How will you manage invoices, payments, and waivers?

Because of these and many other facets that define your project, a qualified construction management company that will skillfully guide your project to successful completion is very beneficial.

Here’s why you should hire a construction manager:

With a qualified construction manager, you’ll get an experienced team member who will help define, design and construct your project.   The construction manager will work with you and an architect to complete the design drawings and specifications.  They will guide your project through the approval process, a step that takes time and experience.  All site issues and geotechnical concerns will be identified during the design phase by the construction manager in conjunction with geotechnical and civil engineers. Your construction manager will also work with mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors to design and install these systems to meet both your operational requirements and budget.

The construction manager will provide an experienced superintendent to supervise your project.  The superintendent is a critical part of the team, impacting the success of the project in many ways.  The superintendent will schedule all inspections, coordinate the public utilities, and provide the necessary quality control required to meet your project objectives and maintain a safe job site.  The superintendent will review drawings and resolve issues before they arise. Your superintendent will schedule the project so that all tasks are properly sequenced, completed on time, and built right the first time.  These efforts provide cost control and expedite the project’s completion.

Your experienced construction management team will maintain the budget and administer the contract.  They will review and approve invoices, monitor all expenditures, and provide the documentation that your bank requires.  They will request the lien waivers and insurance to protect you and your business from unnecessary legal disputes.  Lastly, they will assure all closeout, project documents, and warranties are completed properly.

There are many steps that go into constructing or renovating a building.  Hiring an experienced construction manager will ensure your project is completed on time and on budget and allow you to focus on your business instead of managing your construction project.  Trying to take on this role without extensive experience can cause delays and extra expenses.

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