Construction Management Services

A.R. Brouwer Company will integrate with you and your design team to provide Construction Management services, including value engineering, verifying constructability, and soliciting bids from qualified subcontractors. We work with your team to complete the pre-construction activities as quickly and efficiently as possible and continue to manage your project during the construction and closeout phases.

A project’s timeline, total cost, and quality can be impacted when the design team and A.R. Brouwer Company are retained by the Project Owner and begin working in tandem. The earlier the teams begin collaborating, the better for your project.

Important Things to Know About Construction Management Services

  • Typically require more of the Project Owner’s time when compared to Design/Build services
  • Project Owner has multiple points of contact, as well as multiple contracts for the project and must manage them simultaneously
  • Project Owner must be available for project team meetings with both the design team and the construction management team throughout the project
  • Can result in a very streamlined process from start to finish; the results are better the sooner the teams begin collaborating
  • Typically, a cost-effective service when assessing the total project costs for the Project Owner
  • Allow for a fast-track construction schedule, an excellent choice for projects on a tight schedule
  • An excellent choice for Project Owners who are experienced with commercial construction projects
  • Result in high-quality construction and overall value for Project Owners due to the subcontractor selection by A.R. Brouwer Company

Construction Management services are a great value for more experienced Project Owners and those who prefer a high level of involvement throughout the project. The benefits of this service are best realized when the design and construction teams are hired as early as possible during the pre-construction phase.

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