Construction Services Overview

A.R. Brouwer Company offers three different services for commercial construction projects:  Design/Build, Construction Management and General Contracting.

Though the process of design and construction is fairly similar among commercial projects, the Project Owner can choose the service that best fits their needs based on their desired level of involvement, experience with the construction process, available administrative resources and project timeline. These are just a few of many factors to consider before selecting your construction service.

See a side-by-side comparison of  how responsibilities vary per service in our Construction Service Matrix

Whether your project is in the concept phase, a simple sketch, or is already designed and ready for construction, A.R. Brouwer Company has the expertise to successfully complete your project.


With our full-service design/build option, A.R. Brouwer Company is the Project Owner’s single point of contact for the entirety of their project. We coordinate the entire process of design and construction, from site selection through project closeout. [+]

Construction Management

With our Construction Management services, A.R. Brouwer Company will integrate with your Design Team to deliver a building that meets your unique needs.   [+]

General Contracting

As General Contractor, our team of Project Managers and Superintendents work with the Project Owner and the Design Team to deliver the project on time and in accordance with project specifications.

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Regardless of what phase your project is currently in, contact us today to learn what A.R. Brouwer Company can do for you.