Commercial Construction Industry

Celebrating 18 years in the Commercial Construction Business

We are celebrating 18 years in the commercial construction business!

18 years ago, Steve Brouwer opened the doors of A. R. Brouwer Company in Dexter, MI. It was a big risk, as he didn’t have any clients lined up. As Steve sat there in his office, he realized that he’d better pick up the phone and start making calls and so he did… Never looking back, only moving forward.


What have we been up to?

We have been busy constructing and renovating commercial buildings! One of the areas that makes A. R. Brouwer so unique, is experience.  Over the past 18 years, A. R. Brouwer Company has been serving Southeastern Michigan. To better serve you, we do not limit ourselves to a specific industry. We pride ourselves on project diversity and quality workmanship.    We’ve completed projects that include, industrial, retail, restaurant, childcare, interior renovations, wellness centers, athletic centers, even a timber frame barn and the list continues to grow.

Over the past year, we have also spent time re-branding A. R. Brouwer Company.  We’ve updated our website, marketing materials, print material and logo.

NEW LOGO                                                                                                  OLD LOGO

We continue to increase our online presence, including publishing monthly articles to keep you informed.  Check out our news articles and tips.  If you are a current or existing customer, you will begin receiving monthly valuable articles.  If you’re not receiving them, but wish to, you can sign up through our website.

We also implemented our Circle of Service.  We feel that this circle encompasses how we do business.  We can’t do one without the other and it really defines A. R. Brouwer Company’s commitment to its customers, employees and subcontractors.

Circle of Service_FINAL


We couldn’t do it without you!

We would like to thank all of our subcontractors and all of our new, current, past and repeat customers for your business.  We value our long-term relationship and will continue to improve our commitment to exceptional workmanship.

“Integrity” – Don Fraser, current and past customer, on why he has continued to use A. R Brouwer Company for the past 17 years.

What to expect in the future – Next Steps

As we enter our 18th year, we’re showing no signs of slowing down. We continue to be flexible, and responsive to changes in the industry to help our customers better serve their communities. We will continue to build lasting relationships with customers and industry contacts. We will continue to build a cohesive team that will carry on A. R. Brouwer Company’s mission and vision. We continue to grow our list of clients and are grateful for our repeat customers.

We will continue to increase our online presence and keep you informed and educate you of the commercial industry trends, processes and provide tips through our News & Tips blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Stay connected to us and the commercial industry by following us on social media. We will keep you informed on the construction processes and provide useful tips to support longevity of your building.

For more information contact us at (734) 426-9980 to speak to an experienced team member.